Whole Wellness For A Nourished Self 

Nourishing Self with Deanna Raihl

"​I have been seeing Deanna for about 2 years, and I can honestly say I have been given more relief from her deep tissue massages than any other treatment I have tried.  I have upper back issues, bone spurs, stress, and heavy lifting.  A doctor told me to see a chiropractor, I did for 2 years with a massage before adjustments, with no success, causing numbness down my arms.  Now with my regular appointments with Deanna, the pain is gone, and an hour on the table with her is exactly what  nobody else has been able to achieve in the years I have lived with the pain." - Janet Sebago Lakes​

​​"Deanna is one of the best massage therapists I have experienced. She can actually 'read' your body/muscles with her hands to provide you with the most beneficial, relaxing session possible. Now to learn she will be offering additional services such as the health counseling will only enhance my future visits to attain the very best shape I can work towards.  I am very excited to have her knowledge & experience take me to the next level for a healthier me!"  Sheila...Raymond, Me