I am a licensed massage therapist and a board certified nutrition counselor. I have studied over 150 dietary theories, including paleo, vegan, raw, macrobiotic, and primal. I serve as a doula, kundalini reiki master, and shamballa healer. In our sessions, you can expect me to utilize many modalities to help you slow down, take stock, and nourish yourself. I am happy to connect with you to answer any questions and begin our work towards healing.

Therapeutic Massage, Organic Spray Tanning, Holistic Health Counselor, Thai Bodywork   

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Insurance Recognition and Employee Benefits
With the healthcare benefits of massage therapy increasingly being touted, many health insurance companies are choosing to include coverage for massage in their plans. Massage therapy is also included as a healthcare option in personal health savings accounts being offered to some employees, while many employers are providing coverage for various alternative health benefits, including massage. With this expanded recognition in the medical realm, massage therapy is definitely shedding its former perception as a luxury and embracing its new role: necessity!

Windham, ME, United States


My product are chosen With my clients and the health in mind to offer an  eco-friendly and holistic approach to massage and spa skincare using organic products. 

Nourishing Self with Deanna Raihl
‚ÄčTherapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage and bodywork, should be a necessaary part of a healthy and active lifestyle. Therapeutic Massage effects the mind, body and spirit and can help ease whatever issues a person is going through, from grieving to recovery from injury.

I am proud to offer Organic Spa Skin Treatments, Organic Sunless Spray Tanning, and Holistic Health Coaching